Chicago’s Premier Real Estate Event Since 1988

The Real Estate Forum has become Chicago’s premier annual real estate event. The event began in 1988, when the Lincoln Park Builders Club of Chicago hosted the first Real Estate Forum at its club headquarters for members and selected guests. The idea was to stage a thought-provoking discussion on the state of the real estate market in Chicago. After several successful events, the club decided to open up the Real Estate Forum to all Chicago real estate professionals.

Now, the event has long outgrown its origins and is attended by hundreds of the most influential Chicago real estate professionals each year. Chicago’s top developers, owners, brokers and investors all converge for one night in Lincoln Park to discuss the market and source new business opportunities.

At the centerpiece of the event remains the panel discussion, which annually features some of Chicago’s most successful real estate practitioners. The event also features the announcement of the annual Impact Award, which is bestowed upon a real estate professional who has made great contributions to the growth of the City of Chicago. View past panelists.

The panel discussion is followed by a dinner and cocktail party that generates the best networking the industry has to offer.

Lincoln Park Builders

Lincoln Park Builders of Chicago was established in 1967 as an honorary society of builders, developers, owners and principals of real estate businesses. For fifty years, the goal of the organization has been to provide social camaraderie and a venue to discuss and learn about industry issues, trends and opportunities.

The Lincoln Park Builders of Chicago began as a club dedicated to the city’s architecture, development and prosperity, founded by eleven influential property owners and developers in Lincoln Park – Richard Greenberg, Ben Weiss, Richard Adler, John Krenger, Andrew Messick and Richard Walsh; and in beloved memory, Richard Castille, Michael Epstein, James Hines, Frank Sheir and Louis Supera. The club has grown to include 75 members, and its annual Real Estate Forum is one of the city’s most important real estate industry events.

Membership in the Lincoln Park Builders of Chicago is an honor bestowed on those who have repeatedly demonstrated exemplary performance in their field, with superior integrity and the highest ethical standards. Members vow to fairly compete with each other while also helping the organization and fellow members to further the success of the fraternity as a whole.

Impact Award

The Impact Award is given each year to a real estate professional or business that has demonstrated long-term commitment to the growth and advancement of the City of Chicago. It is the organization’s highest honor and past winners represent excellence in the real estate industry through both commercial and charitable endeavors.

In 2022, we are honored to announce Jeff Shapack, founder and CEO of Shapack Partners, as our Impact Award recipient. His multi-asset-class real estate development company has reshaped Chicago’s Fulton Market District and other city neighborhoods over the past decade.

The annual Impact Award is bestowed upon a real estate professional who has made great contributions to the growth of the City of Chicago. Read more here about Jeff Shapack’s impact on Chicago real estate.

View Past Impact Award Winners