Corey Oliver - Panelist CEO, Strength in Management

Corey Oliver is the CEO of Strength in Management, a full-service property management company based on the South Side of Chicago. Corey has dedicated his career to preserving naturally occurring affordable housing and working to bring stability and growth to some of the most challenging communities in Chicago. He has overseen the development and management of over 400 units across the South and West sides of the city. His most recent project was in the South Shore neighborhood, where he planned and developed a 60-unit multifamily building. He collaborated with the CEO of Community Venture Investment Corp. to transition from a small-time developer to becoming one of the preferred developers for Community Investment Company (CIC), one of Chicago’s largest CRA lenders. He also managed the growth and holdings of CVIC. During his time at CVIC, he played a pivotal role in overseeing the growth of the asset portfolio, which has now reached a value of approximately $30 million.

In addition to his professional work, Corey has actively participated in multiple groups focused on furthering the understanding of the shortage of readily available affordable housing. He has done this by sitting on panels and participating in various public forums. Corey has been involved with groups such as the South Side Community Investors Association and the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance to discuss current market trends in Chicago. He also collaborated with The Preservation Compact, the City of Chicago and Community Initiatives Inc. to help stabilize and protect 1,000 units that were severely mismanaged due to fraud on the South Side of Chicago.

Corey, who holds an MBA and bachelor’s degree from the University of Findlay, is committed to becoming one of the leading voices in affordable housing while simultaneously helping to shape the next generation. He volunteers his time and expertise to students as an advisor for Roosevelt University’s real estate master’s program. Prior to his career in real estate, Corey was a certified NBPA/FIBA sports agent.

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